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2010-03-01 04:44 am

We measure our lives in lyrics...

Perhaps it seems little odd for someone like me to have an interest in the popular music of the time. Naturally after that someone meets me, all is explained... including but not limited to my voracious appetite for this ageless form of communication. As we all know, music is the food of love, tames the savage beast, the universal language and other cliches. In my case, it has literally ruled my existence. My first lover and no doubt my last, the one who will never leave me, never betray me, and like myself, never die. Is it any wonder I pay so much attention to it, regardless of genre?

So of course when I find a song that applies to myself, my past, my future, or my situation I have to steal it. As of late my interest in the group of wandering bards who call themselves "Stabbing Westward" (charming name, non?) has grown. They pen quite a few very apt poems-set-to-music that I simply must draw attention to.

Here, for instance, is a simple little song that strikes deep. Despair in 16 lines or less.

I'm drowning in nothing
Nothing real
Nothing left
I'm losing myself
Sinking deeper down

Silently leaving
This behind
Nothing left but me

I'm hating myself
Hating myself
Everyone hates me now

Everyone has changed
Everything has changed
Everyone has changed
But me

You see? Apt. Painfully so.

I wonder if this band would mind a visit.